Andrew Castaldi

Head, Cat Perils Americas Hub at Swiss Reinsurance Company

Andrew Castaldi leads a team of natural hazard experts and catastrophe model developers in Swiss Re’s Division Americas’ Risk Hub. His team is composed of physical scientists, structural engineers, and insurance professionals dedicated to the understanding of and quantification of the economic and social loss due to naturally occurring hazards throughout the Americas.

Prior to joining Swiss Re, Mr. Castaldi has worked in the risk consulting, insurance and reinsurance industry in various underwriting, management, and operational positions. He or his representatives often travel throughout the Americas and represent Swiss Re on natural disaster, climate, and reinsurance issues.

Andrew and his team have collaborated on many natural hazard related projects with a variety of clients, universities, government agencies, and industry related support associations. Continuing with Swiss Re’s longstanding tradition of sharing their natural catastrophe R&D efforts with others (as an example: CatNet). Mr. Castaldi and his team have authored or co-authored many external publications, developed new risk evaluation products and solutions, and have sponsored events in support of the Americas. He has appeared on television and radio numerous times and is recognized for his technical, market and financial expertise.

In addition Andrew is a former chair of the RAA Extreme Events Committee, participates(ed) on the American Geophysical Union Developmental Board, the Multi-Hazard Mitigation Council (NIBS-FEMA), Institute of Business and Home Safety, GeoHazard International Board of Trustees, World Bank, and was a past President of the International Society of Catastrophe Managers. Additionally he has served on many State and Federal task forces, advisory boards, and committees focused on natural hazard, climate change, insurance, and disaster mitigation. He has provided testimony to the US Senate and Congress as well as many state governments on various hazards. Andrew is a High Growth Market Ambassador within Swiss Re representing the Latin American nations.

Mr. Castaldi holds an MBA from New York University.

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