Erik Sparling

Erik Sparling

Director, Climate Risk Decision Support at Risk Sciences International

Erik Sparling has over 12 years’ experience providing and overseeing delivery of research, analysis, and decision-support services for the management of climate-related risks across various infrastructure and natural resource sectors.

As former advisor to the National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy (NRTEE), lead climate change adaptation resource at the Canadian Standards Association (CSA), and as director at Risk Sciences International (RSI), Erik has played a lead role in various initiatives of recognized significance, including: the NRTEE program on climate change adaption policy; the first suite of nationally-accredited infrastructure adaptation guidelines and standards; and, most recently, the Northern Infrastructure Standardization Initiative.

Erik has served on various expert committees focused on improving the assessment and management of severe weather- and climate change-related risks. Appointments have included: affiliate member of the Technical Committee of the Northern Infrastructure Standardization Initiative; special advisor to the CSA PLUS 4013 Working Group, addressing “development, interpretation, and use of rainfall intensity-duration-frequency information” in water resources management; and, member of Canada’s Mirror Committee for ISO TC 207 / SC7, a family of climate change-related standards, including forthcoming standards on impact and risk assessment, and adaptation planning.

As Director, Climate Risk Decision Support, Erik oversees delivery of RSI’s climate risk analytical and advisory services, including: production of tailored climate and climate change information; forensic investigations of severe weather- and climate-related infrastructure failures; and, development of tools like the Food and Water Safety and Climate Change Risk Modelling Framework (Public Health Agency of Canada, 2012-present).

Erik has degrees in Biology, B.A (Sc.), Middlebury College, Vermont, and Geography, M.A., University of Toronto.

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