Paul Okrutny

Paul Okrutny

Founder at Mitigateway

If you were to look at my professional experience as outlined below, connecting the dots can be challenging. How do you draw a connection between my scientific research on polymers and my responsibilities as a COO? How about between my construction projects and developing a passion for teaching at the university level? At the time of my involvement in these projects, I too did not exactly know how they would all connect.

In hindsight, I can confidently say that all of my professional experiences are connected. All of these experiences have contributed to my present ventures and values. Through my cross-disciplinary experience, I have refined my ability to question the status quo, to find efficient solutions, to analyze situations with a holistic mindset irrespective of the industry, and to make the best decisions for the future. These experiences have made me a successful leader, engineer, business partner, and mentor. They inspired me to be passionate about everything I do because I know that everything I do, will one day help me and others around me more than I can currently imagine.

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