Scott Davis

Scott Davis, MA

Director at International Association of Emergency Managers, Canada

Ensures communities and organizations are prepared for, can respond to, and recover from disasters and emergencies through assessment, notification, and taking action. Proven subject matter expert in emergency management and emergency services, through a governmental and public health lens, with teaching and practical experience in leading readiness and response all hazards incident management teams.

Experienced Chief Officer on Regional Emergency Services (Fire & EMS) and Municipal Fire Rescue Department supporting Fire Chief and Administration. Duties included responsibilities for operating and capital budgets, quality assurance, personnel, supervision, and community engagement initiatives. Committed to organizational excellence and working experience on Commission on Fire Accreditation International (CFAI) quality improvement processes.

Skilled at building and strengthening complex, multilevel community relationships and thrives in challenging environments. Passionate about protecting vulnerable populations, encouraging, training, helping others and taking on new projects from start to completion. Makes decisions confidently based on big picture in times of crisis. Thrives in understanding and applying technology and software solutions to better emergency management delivery in all phases.

Builds and empowers teams for sustainable success. “I’d rather be the defenceman who sets up the play, passes the puck, and lets the winger score; or the baseball coach on third base giving the green light to the runner for the winning slide at home plate.”

Holds a Masters of Arts (Leadership) from University of Guelph with a primary research interest in Leadership & Followership in Crisis Incidents. Continues to mentor new students.

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