Steve Bowen

Steve Bowen

Chief Science Officer at Gallagher Re

Steve has nearly two decades of insurance industry experience and is currently Chief Science Officer at Gallagher Re. He initially turned his love of weather into an academic background in meteorology by starting his professional career in television before intentionally jumping into the insurance realm.

A key motivation of his day-to-day work features the emerging and evolving trends associated with increasing weather volatility, climate change, population and exposure patterns, and natural hazard-related financial losses. He strives to implement data analytics and direct advisory to help clearly communicate evolving hazard risks, loss trends, and broader market challenges facing the insurance industry and beyond. An increasingly vital part of his work includes providing expertise to new strategies focused on combating the complexities of physical and non-physical risk posed by climate change. This complements further focus on critical issues within the ESG space and helping clients transition their portfolios meet the demands of a net-zero carbon emission world.

Steve earned his Master of Science in Business Analytics degree from the University of Notre Dame, and his Bachelor of Science degree in Meteorology from Florida State University.

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