Valarie King

Valarie King

Knowledge Keeper, Educator, Elder Member at Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation

Edebwed Ogichidaa Kwe – She who speaks the Truth Warrior woman leader. Mkwaa dodem. New Credit doonjibaa.

Valarie has lived on Mississaugas of the Credit all her life. She has been a skaabayis (helper) in the community and off reserve in various employment and volunteer or grass root positions. For the last 30 years, she strived to bring the sacred bundles of traditional teachings back to the people through ceremonies and rites of passages such as Grandmother moon ceremonies, fastings, traditional teachings workshops, drumming, singing, and feasts.

Along with her activism for the sacred water and the families of missing and murdered Aboriginal women, Valarie uses her spiritual sight to be a good helper utilizing energy work to do clearings, medicines, her medicine bundles, and sometimes Western methods. She has worked as the holistic counsellor at Judda’s Place collaborating with a doctor and herbalist. She is a Chartered Herbalist, completed her ECE, Bachelor Arts in Health and Women Studies and A minor in Indigenous Studies and has a Masters in Indigenous Social Work.
Valarie has seven children and seven grandchildren — who each sing and do traditional dancing around the big drum and hand drum.

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